Bruges leads the way as a dementia-friendly town

Bruges has been recognised as a dementia-friendly haven as the Belgian town continues to be a pioneer in helping people who suffer from the disease. As an illness which directly affects 2,000 people in Bruges, there are numerous schemes in the town which seek to help people who suffer from dementia continue to lead fulfilling lives.Bruges in Belgium

The pioneering work in Bruges has been described as inspirational for other countries, such as the UK, and just one way in which they help dementia sufferers is to display a recognisable orange knot sign in shops whose staff are ready to help older people browse through products, such as stair lifts, to find the right one for them.

Specialist dementia counsellors also travel around Bruges helping sufferers with practical help and their loved ones with therapy. On top of this, schemes such as the dementia choir helps to stir memories and is a safe and happy place which is run by volunteers in Bruges, especially for those with dementia.

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