First space tourist to send older couple on mission to Mars

The world’s first space tourist, Dennis Tito, and his organisation have hit the headlines recently when they announced that they want to send an older couple into space for a 501-day mission to Mars. The couple would take on the all-expenses-paid challenge in 5 years time if everything goes to plan.Astronaut space suit

It was pointed out that the challenge is mostly psychological, although there will surely also be a few challenges when trying to use walk in showers, and the perfect people for the job according to Dennis Tito will be an older man and woman who are preferably married. He told the media that this would be the best way to deal with isolation as they will “need someone you can hug” when Earth is but a blue dot in the distance.

This exciting journey will see a couple take advantage of a ‘free-return’ expedition to Mars, meaning that they can pass within 100 miles of Mars before slingshotting back towards Earth and will not need to perform any critical propulsion manoeuvres during the predicted 17 month trip.

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