Improvements for hospitals outlined by Department of Health

The Department of Health has announced that it will be introducing measures to improve the care of patients when in hospital, particularly in terms of diet. A spokeswoman from the Department of Health told the Sunday Express that the measures will “root out bad practice” and help make sure that patients get the level of care that they deserve.Hospital nutrition

The plans were recently devised after it was revealed that a number of patients were leaving hospital in a severely weakened state due to being under-nourished and dehydrated. The number of patients leaving hospital in 2011 suffering with malnutrition reportedly rose to 5,558.

More inspections in hospitals will be introduced by the Care Quality Commission to help maintain standards, and £100 million is being invested in IT services according to the Department of Health. In the same way that stair lifts enable many of us to spend more time doing the things that we love, this investment will enable nurses to spend more time with patients.

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