Online dating gaining popularity with older people

Recent news reports have revealed that online dating is becoming increasingly popular with older people, particularly in the USA which has seen the creation of a number of online dating sites specifically for older people. Not only have sites been created, but they have also announced a great deal of success too.elderly couple in love

The three biggest online dating sites currently operating in the USA are Senior People Meet, and Seniors Meet, all of which have seen millions of users try their hand at the dating game. The combined number of users for the three sites reaches an impressive 4 million users. The last 9 months have also seen users increase from 1 million members to 2.5 million members.

Online dating is a great way for single older people to meet likeminded individuals as it can all be started in the home from the comfort of rise and recline chairs. There is as much chance of friendship developing as there is love, so it is no wonder that people of all generations are opening their minds to online dating.

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