Report suggests gaming is good for us as we get older

A recent study undertaken by the North Carolina State University has revealed that playing video games when we are older can actually make us happier. Dr Jason Allison, leader of the project, said that the research suggested that there is a legitimate link between gaming and “better well-being”.ladies playing on the wii

The study involved 140 people aged 63 and over, 61% of whom played video games regularly and 39% of whom did not play video games. Higher levels of well-being were reportedly experienced by those who liked to play video games, whilst those who did not tended to feel more negative emotions.

Technology appears to be improving our lives every day, whether in the form of stairlifts which can help us get around more easily or through gaming which can apparently make us feel happier. As gaming devices such as Nintendo Wiis and Xbox Kinects often involve groups who can get together, it is also a gateway to exercise and social activity.

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