Sir Ranulph Fiennes back on his feet after returning to UK

Sir Ranulph Fiennes hit the headlines this week after he pulled out of his Antarctic expedition, but the 68-year-old is fighting fit after recovering with the use of walk in baths and treatment for frostbite and has announced that he is ready to continue supporting his team.Antarctic expedition

The Guinness Book of World Records has named him as the world’s greatest living explorer, and his numerous achievements, including scaling Mount Everest at 65, has earned him the respect of millions. Consequently, many were disappointed with the news that he was forced to pull out of The Coldest Journey, which would see a group of explorers set off for Antarctica this month to cross the land by foot during the winter, due to suffering from severe frostbite to his fingers.

Although he will not be able to complete the challenge, he has not lost any respect from admirers and is ready to help out the rest of his team complete the 2,000 mile journey successfully.

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