Three ways to combat back pain

Back pain can be incredibly painful, so bad in some cases that it can stop you from doing day to day tasks around the home. Despite the much reported problems that back pain can cause, it is such an easy issue to alleviate. Here are three simple ways in which you can help keep the complaints of a bad back at bay.

Keeping good posture

With many of us now working in offices, we find ourselves having to sit down for many hours a day in order to earn our pay packets. It is important in this case to keep a good posture, as slouching or sitting awkwardly can have a massive effect on your back. To maintain a good posture, keep your back straight while having both feet flat on the floor.

Eat more Broccoli

It might seem like a completely ludicrous suggestion, but Japanese researchers have found that Broccoli, along with other leafy greens, contains Vitamin K – just as important as Calcium to develop strong bones. Of course, the stronger your bones are, the less likely you are to have problems with your vertebrae.

Purchase a mobility aid

If the beginnings of back pain have already begun to settle in, rise and recliner chairs are a fantastic way to combat against it and keep it away. With the settings of the chairs being operated through an electric motor, it means that the user puts a limited strain on their lumbar region. They can also be completely customised, meaning they can be completely suited to your taste or to fit into a colour scheme within their home. adjustable beds are also good tools, raising you out of bed to once again take the strain off your back.