Wheelchair bike opens up cycling to all

Scottish residents of the East Lothian who need to use wheelchairs to get around will soon be able to enjoy one of the favourite outdoor activities in Britain: cycling. A number of organisations have been involved in creating a specially designed bike which will see users of stairlifts be able to use the various great cycle routes in the country.Wheelchair

The specially adapted bike has been praised by Scottish disability charity Beyond Boundaries East Lothian, sports centre enjoyleisure, East Lothian Council and Quest 88, a developer of outdoor products for adults and children with disabilities.

The bike has been adapted to offer a platform for a wheelchair user to rest on and can be ridden by a more physically able person, allowing both people to enjoy a refreshing cycle in the countryside. This is just one way in which people can get out and about, and there are an increasing number of devices which can help people feel independent again.

Image Credit: Marcel Oosterwijk (flickr.com)