Three ways to combat back pain

Back pain can be incredibly painful, so bad in some cases that it can stop you from doing day to day tasks around the home. Despite the much reported problems that back pain can cause, it is such an easy issue to alleviate. Here are three simple ways in which you can help keep the complaints of a bad back at bay.

Keeping good posture

With many of us now working in offices, we find ourselves having to sit down for many hours a day in order to earn our pay packets. It is important in this case to keep a good posture, as slouching or sitting awkwardly can have a massive effect on your back. To maintain a good posture, keep your back straight while having both feet flat on the floor.

Eat more Broccoli

It might seem like a completely ludicrous suggestion, but Japanese researchers have found that Broccoli, along with other leafy greens, contains Vitamin K – just as important as Calcium to develop strong bones. Of course, the stronger your bones are, the less likely you are to have problems with your vertebrae.

Purchase a mobility aid

If the beginnings of back pain have already begun to settle in, rise and recliner chairs are a fantastic way to combat against it and keep it away. With the settings of the chairs being operated through an electric motor, it means that the user puts a limited strain on their lumbar region. They can also be completely customised, meaning they can be completely suited to your taste or to fit into a colour scheme within their home. adjustable beds are also good tools, raising you out of bed to once again take the strain off your back.

Led Zeppelin rumoured to be organising a reunion

Led Zeppelin rumoured to be organising a reunionFollowing in the footsteps of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and The Who, Led Zeppelin could be the latest music veterans to be making a return to the spotlight. Having built up an impressive reputation over decades, fans of Led Zeppelin both young and old have voiced their excitement for a possible reunion.

Robert Plant, the 64-year-old front man of the band, suggested to Australian TV show 60 minutes that the band may get back together, saying that he is waiting to hear back from fellow band mates Jimmy Page, 69, and John Paul Jones, 67. The band last reformed in 2007 for a one-off gig in London, but Plant blocked the potential for a full come-back tour back then. Continue reading

Burnley woman still serving coffee at 100 years old

Burnley woman still serving coffee at 100 years oldA woman from Burnley celebrated her 100th birthday this week and a special celebration was held for her at her local church. Freda Jackson is a friendly and familiar face in the community and her years of serving coffee meant that a big celebration was in order for her centenary.

Freda’s local Methodist church has benefited from years of her service as head of the coffee bar at the church, and around 50 people in her local community came together to organise a celebration for her 100th birthday. Freda enjoyed a special lunch and birthday cake with her friends after a church service which featured her favourite meal: pies and peas. Continue reading

The Guardian highlights technology that helps older people live at home

The Guardian highlights technology that helps older people live at homeA recent article in The Guardian has announced that improved technology helps older people to keep living independently in their own homes, something that all of us should be entitled to as we get older. The paper has announced that there is a “growing drive” to integrate social care with housing provision.

Such technological devices as curved stairlifts, walk in baths and rise and recline chairs are all incredibly helpful in helping us keep living independently in our homes, making it easy to carry on with simple pleasures, such as soaking in a bath and relaxing in the living room with a book, even if we find moving a little more difficult. Continue reading

The Guardian interviews some of Britain’s older workers

The Guardian interviews some of Britain's older workersThe number of older people still working is on the rise, and The Guardian has responded to this news by interviewing some of these people who are proving that life can be whatever you make of it when we get older.

One such person is 80-year-old Neville Parry, who believes that he could be the oldest chief projectionist in the country. His first job as a 14-year-old was as a projectionist, and although he became an ambulance driver for many years, he always found time for the cinema. He says that he gets better at his job with age, as experience and improving technology keep him on his toes. Continue reading

Welsh woman celebrates 100th birthday with favourite chippy

Welsh woman celebrates 100th birthday with favourite chippyA Welsh woman celebrated her 100th birthday this week and spent her special day doing some of her favourite things with some of her favourite people. Violet Rowe has been a regular at Rossi’s fish and chip shop in Swansea for the last 20 years, and staff at the shop celebrated the day with their favourite customer by putting on a special spread of her chip shop favourites.

The great-grandmother regularly visits Rossi’s fish and chip shop, sometimes up to four times in one week, and her friendly face gets the staff ready to rush out and greet her whenever she arrives. Roxanne Thompson, supervisor at Rossi’s, describes the centenarian as “funny” and “up for a bit of a giggle”, and they are always up for a friendly chat before Violet heads back home to enjoy her fish and chips in riser recliner chairs with her family. Continue reading

Leicester MP helps woman raise money for stairlifts

Leicester MP helps woman raise money for stairliftsWe recently reported that MP Keith Vaz was organising a number of events to raise money for a resident of his constituency after hearing that she was having difficulty getting stairlifts installed in her home. It has now been announced that his hard work has paid off and Peggy Taylor will soon be getting the stairlift she has been waiting over 5 years for.

The 83-year-old woman has told local media that she owes the breakthrough in progress to Keith Vaz, who even sold some of his own suits to raise money for the fee that Leicester City Council were asking from her. As well as having a stairlift installed, Peggy Taylor will also have a shower room fitted to help her continue to live independently in her own home and work on both of these projects will begin next week. Continue reading

The Oldie of the Year Awards celebrate 20th anniversary

The Oldie of the Year Awards celebrate 20th anniversaryThe 20th Oldie of the Year Awards were held this month and praised the work, achievement and efforts of a number of inspirational older people. Just as stair lifts have made a huge difference to daily life for many, the people who have been nominated have made a remarkable impact on the world around them.

The Oldie of the Year Awards (TOOTY) were presented by Sir Terry Wogan this year and, much like the style of the magazine The Oldie, was a ceremony filled with amusing and insightful moments. Previous winners have included Sir David Attenborough, Joanna Lumley and Kenneth Clarke, and this year’s selection of winners was just as impressive. Continue reading

Market research names over-55s as shoppers of the future

Market research names over-55s as shoppers of the futureA retail market research company has announced the results of their latest report, revealing that those aged 55 and over are the age group that will dominate the high street and shopping centres in the near future. Analysts working for Conlumino have suggested that these statistics show that retailers need to adapt to make the shopping experience as good as possible for this important demographic.

The predictions made by Conlumino suggested that those aged 55 and over will contribute towards two-thirds of growth in the retail sector over the next 10 years, which is expected to be 2.4% of £377 billion in 2022. Continue reading

87-year-old man makes name for himself as karate master

87-year-old man makes name for himself as karate masterAn 87-year-old man has made an incredible name for himself in America after his passion for karate led him to turn his home into a dojo and teach swathes of people how to fight honourably. After spending many years honing his skills in Japan, Dan Sawyer laid the foundations for a long and successful career.

The black belt and karate master says that it takes years of practise and cooling offs in walk in showers for some of his greatest karate moves to become second nature, and through his expertise he has not only mastered several impressive moves but has also managed to teach to many others as well. Continue reading