An Introduction to Mud Therapy

An Introduction to Mud TherapySpa treatments have long been seen as a great mode of relaxation, allowing people to relax and remove all stress while rejuvenating and rebalancing the mind, body and soul. While many may consider treatments to comprise of invigorating massages and facials, one of the most popular is Mud Therapy. If you’re new to the Continue reading

Sheffield singing sensation celebrates 100th birthday

A man from Sheffield celebrated his 100th birthday last week, and having been a familiar face on the club scene for many years of his life, Joseph Trigg’s birthday party was the best party in town. Starting the day off looking his best with a soak in walk in baths and special birthday T-shirt, the home where he has spent many happy years was packed full of friends and family to celebrate the big day.Entertainment microphone

Jospeh made a name for himself as a performer in venues across Sheffield, singing and dancing his way into the hearts of club-goers everywhere with his rendition of the Woody Woodpecker song. To commemorate his successful career, his family organised for an entertainer to come along and perform some of the great tunes that Joseph would have sung during his time on the stages of Sheffield.

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90-year-old continues to visit Sheffield’s prison cells

A 91-year-old woman recently found herself being praised in The Guardian after a journalist heard of how she is still continuing to help the community. Vera Miles has spent the last 21 years volunteering as an independent custody visitor and even now remains in charge of 14 other volunteers.the bars in a prison

Suspects who are held in custody in police cells are paid a visit by independent custody visitors, people who arrive unannounced at police stations to make sure that the welfare of detainees is looked after.

Although Vera undertakes the visits only a couple of times a month, she instead plays a more crucial role in organising the visits of the other volunteers, including drawing up a rota, dealing with problems that her team bring up and makes sure that the volunteers are fully briefed on what they need to be checking.

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99-year-old man receives recognition for 76 years of aviation dedication

A man from Texas recently featured in the news as his passion for aviation continues to amaze local residents and flying professionals. Eugene Engledow has dedicated his life to flying and even though he will be turning 100 this year, he is not letting anything hold him back.Small sized airplane

He has been flying planes for over 76 years and from his start at 23-years-old, he has gone on to climb to great heights. When he started out, flight technology had only existed for 30 years, and from his initial interest in planes, he gradually took his first steps into flying during a lesson which cost $6 at the time.

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British couple celebrate platinum wedding anniversary

A couple from Manchester celebrated their 70th anniversary recently and they hit the headlines after their romantic tale of a chance meeting caught the attention of the Daily Mail. Thomas and Ethel Bramwell happened to meet by chance in 1942 and have been madly in love ever anniversary cake

Recalling their 70 happy years of marriage from the comfort of rise and recline chairs, Thomas remembers helping Ethel and her friend step down onto the platform at Ashburys Train Station and when their eyes met, they thought that there was something special there, but had no idea that they would meet again the following evening.

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Professor honoured for 50 years of university teaching

An 87-year-old man was recently honoured in the USA after dedicating 50 years of his life to the goal of learning at Arkansas State University. Professor Sammy Gennuso has seen many changes to the campus during his time at the university, from the installation of stair lifts to the construction of whole libraries, but he remains as one of the most constant parts of students’ lives at the institution.honoured at university

He still insists on using typewriters when he is in the office which he has occupied for the last 40 years, one of the traditional comforts that make his days teaching English at Arkansas State University so enjoyable. As well as seeing the campus change and grow, such as in the addition of the Reng Center, he has seen thousands of students come and go. When he started in 1963, 3,508 students came to the university, a number which has now risen to well over 14,000.

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Woman celebrates 100th birthday with lots of cups of tea

Sitting down in riser recliner chairs with a cup of tea is one woman’s secret to longevity, and as she celebrated her 100th birthday this week, it certainly seems to have worked for her. Selina Broad from Harrow, London celebrated her centenary this week and was joined for a cup of tea and slice of cake by friends and family from all across the globe.cup of tea cup

Selina and her family celebrated the milestone with family who had come from as far as Australia, and they all sat down to a cup of her favourite beverage before she was presented with a cake in the shape of a knitting basket.

The celebrations did not end there; her family organised for the Ruislip Operatic Society to visit her home and perform a few songs, and the Mayor of Harrow also came by to pass on his good wishes. Continue reading

Report suggests gaming is good for us as we get older

A recent study undertaken by the North Carolina State University has revealed that playing video games when we are older can actually make us happier. Dr Jason Allison, leader of the project, said that the research suggested that there is a legitimate link between gaming and “better well-being”.ladies playing on the wii

The study involved 140 people aged 63 and over, 61% of whom played video games regularly and 39% of whom did not play video games. Higher levels of well-being were reportedly experienced by those who liked to play video games, whilst those who did not tended to feel more negative emotions.

Technology appears to be improving our lives every day, whether in the form of stairlifts which can help us get around more easily or through gaming which can apparently make us feel happier. Continue reading

92-year-old cook celebrated in community

A 92-year-old woman from Quincy, Illinois has recently hit the headlines as she is continuing to work in the restaurant business, even though she is about to celebrate her 93rd birthday. Arlene Hale has worked in restaurants for over 70 years and has become one of the heroes of her local community in the cutlery

She has worked at the Hampton in Quincy for the last 9 years, and before that she worked at the Patio restaurant for 42 years. During that time, she has turned up at 3.15am everyday without fail in order to get the day’s preparation and baking done.

Arlene is perfectly happy to get up at such an early hour, just as long as she can return home and have a hot shower using walk in showers before sitting down to a cup of tea. Continue reading

105-year-old woman has guest spot on Ellen DeGeneres show

A woman from Santa Barbara in California was recently seen enjoying the comfort of chairs for the elderly in front of millions of people. 105-year-old Edyther Kirchmaier was recently seen on two popular American chat shows: The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.Ellen Degeneres in public

Edyther Kirchmaier recently celebrated her 105th birthday and had appearances on both television shows to mark both her longevity and incredible good health. Both shows have huge fan bases and millions of people tuned in to see the centenarian appear with the hosts and hear about what she has seen and done throughout her life.

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