Spa Treatments for Men

Spa Treatments for Men

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For men who are new to the spa environment, the range of treatments and facilities available may seem a little daunting. Many spas offer a wide range of treatments that are suitable for everyone, including massage, hydrotherapy and facials. However, there are a number of treatments that appeal particularly to men.

 Foot Treatments

Whether you’re in a profession where you need to be on your feet all day or your feet are training hard at the gym, a relaxing foot treatment is a wonderful sensory experience for your feet and very relaxing. There are plenty of health spas that offer spa treatments for men, including Titanic Spa, which offers the fabulous ‘Sole Delight’ foot treatment that can be included as part of a spa break in Yorkshire. This helps to soften hard skin on the heels and leave you and your feet feeling smooth and rejuvenated.


Skincare is important no matter what your lifestyle. If you work in an office, air conditioning can dry your skin out and make it cry out for a little rejuvenation. Working in a city or in an environment where there’s a lot of dust and grime can also have an effect on your skin. Facial treatments thoroughly cleanse your skin and unclog all the dirt from your pores, and they can also reduce sensitivity that appears from shaving.


There’s no beating around the bush here – waxing does hurt, but the pain is short-lived and leaves smooth, hairless skin for up to six weeks. There are waxing treatments for all body hair from top to bottom – literally! After waxing, hair grows back softer, smoother and even lighter than after you shave. So whether you want to try it just the once or as a long term solution to unruly body hair (as after around 4 years of waxing an area, hair ceases to grow), don’t be shy and contact your local spa if you’re interested in a treatment.

How to make the most of a massage

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Massage is one of the most satisfying spa treatments there is but often people don’t make the most of their session through either nerves or being underprepared. With a bit of preparation beforehand and the right attitude, however, a massage can be the most relaxing treatment out there. So, before booking your massage – whether full body or back pain relief – bear in mind these helpful hints and tips on how to get the most out of your massage.


The most important thing to remember during a massage is communication. All too often, massage clients are too nervous to tell their masseuse what they want out of their massage or whether it is causing them discomfort. A masseuse wants to make the massage experience as relaxing and beneficial as possible but can only do this with a bit of help from their client.

Before your next Yorkshire health spa massage, be sure to let the masseuse know of any allergies or health issues that could impact on the enjoyment of the massage process as oils, lotions and powders are often used and the massage may not be suitable if you are suffering from certain medical conditions. The masseuse will also be happy to hear what you want to get out of the massage, as well as personal preferences like music.


The other important thing to remember during a massage is to relax. People new to massage often become tense and nervous which can have adverse effects on the outcome of the massage. The more relaxed and open you are to the massage, the more beneficial it will be.


Finally, be sure to drink lots of water after your massage and to take it easy – it can sometimes take time for the effects of the massage to be fully absorbed.

Before booking your next massage session during a relaxing spa seekers break, be sure to note down your massage preferences for your next session.

What Alternative Therapy spa treatments are there?


There are plenty of treatments that guests can enjoy during a spa break, some of the most well known and popular being massages, facials and manicures. Alternative therapy treatments are available in many health spas, but the word ‘alternative’ may scare some people away. These treatments are based on ancient traditions and are great for relaxing the body and mind, so why not try one of these alternative treatments when visiting the spa?

Indian Head Massage

Also known as champissage, Indian Head Massage was brought into western culture in the 1970s and has since proven to be hugely popular. The face, neck and head are massaged to manipulate the energy channels within the body so that blockages are removed. It is believed that blockages build up negative energy in the body, causing stress, aches and pains, so removing these blockages can help calm the mind. Treatments tend to last around 40 minutes.


This Japanese technique promotes natural healing within the body to create balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit. It is relatively new as it was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, and involves using hand positions to energise the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body. A whole body treatment typically lasts for an hour.


Reflexology utilises pressure points on the feet to stimulate certain corresponding zones within the body as a whole and is a great treatment to try when next visiting a Yorkshire health spa. The practice of reflexology has been dated back to the Ancient Egyptians and has proven to be another popular treatment in the modern western world. A treatment will last around one hour.

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Top exercise classes to try at a spa

People choose to enjoy a spa break for a number of reasons, including to rejuvenate the body, get pampered or just do something healthy. As well as enjoying one of the many treatments and spa facilities that a health spa can offer, some spas run a number of dance and exercise classes that can relax you and get the blood flowing.


Originating from ancient Indian spiritual, mental and physical practices, yoga became incredibly popular across the globe in the 1980s. Musculoskeletal, mental and breathing improvements have all been seen as benefits for yoga practitioners, combining development of core body strength and meditative breathing.

Tai Chi

The Chinese martial art is now practised around the world and essentially involves three aspects: health, meditation and martial art. Rather than being a martial art based on attacking, tai chi is self-defence combat that focuses on adapting to change created by outside forces. Movements are slow and fluid in tai chi, helping to relax both the body and mind.


Pilates is a comparatively modern exercise system compared to yoga and tai chi; it was developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. A following quickly developed in the USA, UK and Germany, making it one of the most popular classes to enjoy at a Yorkshire spa. The focus of Pilates is on developing a strong core and aligning the spine and pelvis, and a workout will help build muscle strength and endurance across the body.


Circuit training can be very intense, and although it may not be as relaxing as other exercise classes, it does offer a variety of different exercises. A class would involve completing a series of different activities before starting the routine all over again. A circuit can be made up of any number of different activities, but some common ones include pull ups, medicine ball chest passes, stomach crunches, squat jumps and burpees.

Step & Tone

These classes involve following a choreographed routine that incorporates a small step. This workout combines cardio with toning, providing a good balance of fat burning and toning of the upper body, arms, legs, thighs and bum. As the choreography can sometimes be quite tricky to follow, many health spas offer classes for both beginners and advanced steppers.

Make the most of the sauna during a spa visit

When enjoying a spa break, there are certain features that are repeatedly favourites, such as a dip in the swimming pool, back massage or a few moments in the steam room. Saunas come high up the list for many spa fans and people all over the world now enjoy the intense heat that has made the Scandinavian tradition so popular.

Many saunas these days are made even more relaxing through the use of mood lighting, music and steam infusions, and some also offer treatments that you can rub into your skin and give the body a real treat. Here are some of the top treatments that you can have a go at in the sauna.


Honey is a very popular product to rub into your skin in a sauna and is a natural antibacterial agent. It is great skin toner and leaves skin soft to the touch and feeling nourished. It will also help increase the sweating and calorie burning effect which has helped make saunas so popular.

Infused Salt

Salt scrubs are often used as beauty treatments, and the sauna is no different. Salts can have a soothing effect on the senses and are proven to help promote skin which is fresh and clean. It exfoliates your skin and also improves blood circulation in the skin when you rub it in. Skin is left feeling silky soft and infusing the salt with various oils, such as coconut or mint, is both refreshing for the nose and moisturising on the skin.

Rubbing these treatments into your skin is sure to leave you feeling totally pampered and relaxed when visiting a spa in Yorkshire, and don’t forget to wash off anything in the shower that you have rubbed in during your session and moisturise to combat dryness. A cold shower is highly recommended for the best blood circulation!

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How to make the most of a spa as a pregnant woman

Pregnant woman at a spa

Being pregnant is a wonderful but tiring thing. It is also a busy time for soon-to-be mothers, but it is important to take time out to relax and be calm, and what better way to do this than with a spa break? Many spas offer wonderful treatments specially for pregnant women, but before going it is worth knowing what you should and shouldn’t do when visiting a spa.

The best time to visit the spa is during the second trimester of pregnancy for a number of reasons: morning sickness should have ceased, energy levels are higher and the chances of early labour or miscarriage are low. Between 12 weeks and 32 weeks is best practise.

Heat treatments should be avoided as these can affect the circulation of blood and nutrients to the growing baby, so it is advisable to stay away from saunas, Jacuzzis, tanning beds and steam rooms. Once these general rules have been taken into consideration, there are a number of great treatments that are particularly suited to pregnancy.


A massage can be a wonderful method to ease sore hips, an aching back and stiff shoulders that are related with pregnancy. A good masseuse will have massaged pregnant women before and will avoid sensitive areas, provide plenty of padding and pillows to make guests comfortable and will tailor the massage to whatever the stage of pregnancy is. Some treatments can also help reduce the signs of stretch marks.


Skin will be more sensitive during pregnancy so it is a good idea to carry out a patch test in advance, but most facials can be adapted for pregnant women. They are great for relaxing and treating the skin.


It is advisable to steer clear of being regularly exposed to certain chemicals in nail varnish, particularly toluene and formaldehyde, but having nails filed and having hands and feet moisturised is a treat that pregnant women can really enjoy.

Before booking one of these excellent treatments at a spa in Yorkshire whilst pregnant, you should first speak to your midwife or GP.

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Great occasions for a trip to the spa

Red Rose

Many people like to enjoy spa breaks throughout the year, combining a relaxing day away from all the stresses in life with a pamper experience that can leave you feeling totally rejuvenated. Whilst a spa break can be enjoyed at any time of year, there are a few occasions which really call for a day at the spa.

Valentine’s Day

For a relaxing and romantic break, there is nothing better than a spa break. Booking an overnight stay means that you will have the comfortable bed and delicious dining experience of a hotel, but then the added benefits of spa facilities and treatments on top of that. Many spa treats, such as a massage or mud chamber session, are ideal for couples too.


Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year and everyone gets caught up in making the day as perfect as possible, something which often requires all the energy we can muster. Something that can help keep you going through the stress is the knowledge that you have a trip to the spa coming up, ideal for recharging your batteries.

Colleague bonding day

Many spas offer group packages, ideal for work groups. A refreshing alternative to a meal out or paintballing session and other typical corporate activities, a spa day gives you and your colleagues the chance to fully relax and enjoy spending time getting better acquainted away from the office environment.

Mother’s Day

What better way to show your mother that you appreciate all of the hard work she does for you than with a visit to a spa in Yorkshire? Everyone deserves a treat and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to treat you mum with a massage, exfoliating treatment, hydrotherapy or other pampering session that will ease those tired, hardworking limbs.

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Next generation of adjustable beds unveiled

The next generation of adjustable electric beds is on its way after it was announced that a bed has been developed which is compatible with the new iPhone 5.

Makers of adjustable beds are always looking to the future, looking to fulfil the needs of customers as technology grows and develops. The latest technological advancement has meant that the most high-tech adjustable beds can offer a full sleep system that can be controlled using a smartphone app.

Apps are available on smartphones, tablets, and, most recently, the new iPhone 5, meaning that users can adjust their beds using a small, wireless device that can also be connected up with other appliances linked to the bed. The advantages of this are that the user can easily adjust their lying or sleeping position without having to pick up a new device if the user is already reading an e-book in bed, for example.

On top of this, the smartphone app can really help users personalise their bed, perhaps allowing favourite positions to be saved so they can be restored at the click of a button, or providing advice as to the effectiveness of the user’s sleeping position as they make adjustments to the bed.

Although this development presents the very latest in adjustable bed technology, there are still plenty of great options out there. Personalisation of beds can occur every step of the way; from material choice to sleeping position, there is every opportunity to make your bed your personal sleeping space, with or without an iPhone 5.

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Scientists discover drug that prevents aging muscles

The quest towards finding a drug that can help prevent some of the negative aspects of aging has got one step closer after scientists discovered that a chemical reversed muscle wastage in mice.

The very idea of this gives promise for us as we get older, with the potential for muscle weakening to be less of a problem for us, keeping our bodies strong and fit, with only the occasional use of stairlifts.

A team of researchers from Britain and the USA began by investigating how stem cells in muscle repair actually damage tissue, so that the fibres divide in order to develop more new muscle fibres. As we age our muscles find it less easy to regenerate themselves and so bulging muscles are exchanged for limbs that are not as strong.

The researchers studied old mice and found that the number of dormant stem cells lessens with age, and this was traced to growing levels of a protein that stimulates cell divide: FGF2. So, as a muscle ages, the FGF2 protein continually awakens dormant stem cells, meaning that they are not being awakened when they are needed and muscle regeneration is impaired.

From this conclusion, the scientists went on to find a drug that restricted FGF2 from awakening dormant stem cells, and then went on to test this on aging lab mice. By treating the mice with SU5402, the ability to repair muscle tissue in older muscles was improved dramatically. The drug is currently only licensed for laboratory use, but this research may go on to develop a drug that is licensed for therapeutic use.

Dr Albert Basson, one of the senior researchers from King’s College London, is incredibly excited about the findings of the study which have just been published in a scientific journal, and has said that the study has been the first to uncover a process that could be responsible for the decline of muscle repair that is related to aging. He went on to say that if treatments are developed from this research, it may mean that people can continue to live “more mobile, independent lives as [we] age”.

According to Dr Andrew Black, co-author of the research, it’s all about “recovery time”, and the problem is that aging stem cells spend less time resting and more time working. Although it will still be many years before a marketable drug is on the shelves, until then we can help out our bodies and use devices to support our muscles as we get older, such as walk in baths.

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Bexhill-on-Sea is the UK centre for longevity

One of the first detailed analyses of the 2012 census has showed which counties in theUKhave the largest number of centenarians, and the town of Bexhill-on-Sea has been revealed in an article by The Telegraph to beBritain’s centenarian centre.

The county of Sussex is well known for having a large percentage of people past retirement age, particularly the towns of Bexhill, Worthing andEastbourne, which occupy the top 3 spots in the list. In Bexhill in particular, 66 people have lived for over 100 years, 1,722 people are in their 90s and nearly 7,000 are in their 80s out of a total population of 90,600.

Also occupying the list of centres of longevity are West Somerset, Torbay in Devon, West Dorset, East Devon, Bournemouth in Dorset, the Isles of Scilly and theMalvern Hills. When looking at these places on a map, it quickly becomes clear what kinds of areas have populations which have the incredible benefit of nurturing longevity.

The areas are plentiful with many things, such as beautiful scenery, a leisurely pace of life, stairlifts, and fresh sea air, so it is no wonder that people choose to spend the extended leisure time that comes with retirement in these places. A general overview of the map shows thatBritain’s coastal areas in particular are popular with centenarians.

A recent survey also revealed that Bexhill is the sunniest resort in theUK, so its place as the top spot to live for centenarians is certainly well-deserved. According to Julian Porter, curator of Bexhill Museum, there is a long-running local joke that “people retire to Bexhill and then forget to die”. As Bexhill is such a beautiful, interesting and sunny place to live, one can’t help but entertain the idea that there might be an element of truth in the joke.

The analysis of the census just goes to show what we begin to appreciate with life experience, and even if we begin to use walk in baths and other such mobility aids to help us around the home, outside the home is what really makes the difference. There are plenty of areas of the country that are desirable places to live, and the map shows that it is the more naturally attractive areas of the UK that have the biggest appeal to those who have the chance to take a step back and appreciate the things in life that all too often seem to pass us by.

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