Ideas for Lasting Memorial Gravestones

Ideas for Lasting Memorial Gravestones

Ideas for Lasting Memorial Gravestones

When choosing a memorial or a gravestone, it is well worth considering some simple tips and ideas for when you plan to make purchase a lasting reminder of a loved one who has passed.

Not only is it important to get a balance between the right materials for your desired design of a memorial or a gravestone, but also to use a stone or material which will give a long lasting reminder of that loved one. Today, there is a whole myriad of stone types, colours and shades to choose from, but also a huge selection of finishes including carving, engraving and stone etching, which can give a more unique feel. Continue reading

Memorials – Decide On Your Own or Leave It To Your Family?

When you inevitably pass away, your family and friends are going to want something to remember you by, something that they can use as a focus for mourning and that represents your spiritual presence now that you are no longer with them. Memorials and headstones are a perfect way to do that and are popular throughout the world, in one form or another.

But what should you do for a memorial? Should you do anything and let your family decide? It’s for them more than you, after all, or should you choose something that you feel represents you, so that it is a real representation of you as a person rather than other people’s opinions of you?

By allowing your family to make most of the decisions, either whilst you are alive or after your departure, they can choose something that is appropriate to their means, to their needs and that it is easy for them to mourn at. Whether this is a grand statue, a small urn or a headstone, it is sure to be right for them, and you may have left them a little happier knowing that they don’t need to worry about perfectly meeting your demands.

On the other hand, they may worry that they are not getting you the correct memorial and something that truly represents you. This can be a huge worry, especially during this particularly emotional time, so perhaps they would prefer that you had made a decision?

The best answer is probably to discuss with your loved ones what you would like as a memorial, just as discussing what should be done with your body can ease the stress on them when your time comes. With it out in the open and decided, worrying isn’t necessary for any of the parties.

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Accidents can happen anywhere – part 1

Accidents are going to happen, and no one is immune from this. You, me and the rich and famous are all prone to them. Yet there are several levels of accidents that occur. From the very minor to the fatal, each one is still considered an accident. For some people an accident can be through not fault of their own, and they become caught up in it all. But for some, they are the cause of accidents. People many years ago did not have the benefit of a no win no fee solicitor to make a compensation claim on their behalf, in those days it was just put to down to bad luck.

Many things can be a contributor to an accident but more often then not, it is usually down to a persons lack of consideration for someone else’s welfare.

This is a two part blog post that will look at some accidents that have been fatal to people and the reasoning behind them.

In 1814, 9 people were reported killed when 323,000 gallons of beer gushed onto the streets. ‘The London Beer Flood’ occurred when a local brewery burst their vats and the streets became engulfed with beer. This was probably caused by a build up of pressure or an improper storage container.

1912 saw the death of Franz Reichelt a local tailor, fall to his death from the Eiffel Tower. The tailor did not commit suicide but was trying to display the effectiveness of his invention, the coat parachute. It was it first ever attempt with the coat and he had previously told local authorities that he would use a dummy for the first run. Might have been a good idea to stick with the dummy.

This gives you an insight to the possible ways in which accidents can occur and not only change, but end some peoples lives. The Second part of this post will be available to read soon.

Bruce Lees Death – Accident or Not

Bruce Lee

For many people, Bruce Lee was an icon. Actor, film star, martial artist, philosopher, film director, screen writer and founder of the Jeet Kune Do concept, he is, for many people, the most influential martial artist of the 20th Century.

Lee was a great influence on film and martial arts and many people were in disarray at hearing of his passing. To make matters worse he was to die at the young age of 32. As with any untimely death of someone cut down in their prime, rumors began to surface about the star’s death.

Many stories surround his death. Some people say that an accident claimed his life when filming his latest movie. Others believe that he was injured on set whilst working and his body was then moved to another location to remove suspicion.

Some theories are a little more speculative. It is rumored that the star could have died in a multitude of ways. One theory was that Hong Kong Triads (gangsters) had killed him, as he had refused to pay them protection money like many other Chinese movie stars did at that time. An additional theory was that Bruce Lee was cursed as he had just bought a house that was haunted and this was all contributing towards his untimely death.

Other suggestions indicate that he had angered the Chinese Martial Arts industry by teaching foreigners his skills and he was then killed in a challenge match. One far fetched theory suggests that the star is not actually dead and instead has gone undercover working for the Chinese police trying to break into the Chinese Mafia and then when the time is right he will be reintroduced back in to society.

What ever the reason is for his death there are plenty of theories to fuel the fire of what might have happened to this star.