Sheffield singing sensation celebrates 100th birthday

A man from Sheffield celebrated his 100th birthday last week, and having been a familiar face on the club scene for many years of his life, Joseph Trigg’s birthday party was the best party in town. Starting the day off looking his best with a soak in walk in baths and special birthday T-shirt, the home where he has spent many happy years was packed full of friends and family to celebrate the big day.Entertainment microphone

Jospeh made a name for himself as a performer in venues across Sheffield, singing and dancing his way into the hearts of club-goers everywhere with his rendition of the Woody Woodpecker song. To commemorate his successful career, his family organised for an entertainer to come along and perform some of the great tunes that Joseph would have sung during his time on the stages of Sheffield.

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Woman celebrates 100th birthday with lots of cups of tea

Sitting down in riser recliner chairs with a cup of tea is one woman’s secret to longevity, and as she celebrated her 100th birthday this week, it certainly seems to have worked for her. Selina Broad from Harrow, London celebrated her centenary this week and was joined for a cup of tea and slice of cake by friends and family from all across the globe.cup of tea cup

Selina and her family celebrated the milestone with family who had come from as far as Australia, and they all sat down to a cup of her favourite beverage before she was presented with a cake in the shape of a knitting basket.

The celebrations did not end there; her family organised for the Ruislip Operatic Society to visit her home and perform a few songs, and the Mayor of Harrow also came by to pass on his good wishes. Continue reading

Wokingham woman celebrates 100th birthday on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day makes 14 February a special day for many people, but it was even more special for one Wokingham woman. Dorine Thomson was surrounded by family and friends this Valentine’s Day as a special party was organised for the celebration of her 100th birthday.decorated birthday cake

Pictured sitting comfortably in rise and recline chairs, Dorine looked very happy with the party that everyone had put on for her. She has been a fan of dancing and performing ever since she was a child and has spent many years performing in the theatre, so plenty of lively singing and fun games were organised for her birthday. Although she now lives in a care home, she is surrounded by other residents who have been stars of the small and silver screen, so she feels right at home with so many like-minded people.

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