Top Tips for Avoiding Cycle Accidents (For the Driver)

So many people become injured each year on the highways and result in road traffic accident claims which in turn make life harder for those involved. If you are a regular road user it becomes quite common to let standards slip after you passed your test. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that we believe that we have become more experienced and know of a better way to drive or that we just become a little lazy behind the wheel.

This article will highlight a few things we should continually be aware of in order to avoid having an accident with a cyclist whilst making us safer drivers.

1.      Become More Observant
You have to remember that you need to watch where you are going but also what is around all areas of the car. If you are an experienced driver you would have most likely seen cyclists weaving in and out of cars whilst you have been sitting at the traffic lights. It becomes important that you check all surrounding areas of the car before pulling away.

2.      Take The Time to Look
At junctions it becomes all too easy to take a quick glance to check for traffic. Most people do this so they don’t have to stop the car at the junction. It seems that people don’t always register what they see, and more often than not people approach a junction looking only for other cars. This is when a cyclist or motorcyclists are overlooked and then the car driving pulls out on to their path and a collision is only moments away.

3.      Give Cyclists More Room
It can be difficult (especially on some of the country roads in Britain) to give cyclists a wide birth when overtaking. Not allowing the cyclists enough room could intimidate them and cause them to become unstable and in seconds be under your car. Try and give them as much room as possible, but make sure that you are not pulling far enough out to collide with on coming traffic.

4.      Give Them Some Respect
A good example of this would be if you are waiting to overtake but can’t. If it isn’t safe to overtake just be patient. Driving close to the cyclist and trying to get them to move over closer to the hedge won’t encourage them to take you in to consideration, but instead push them to make unsafe decisions that could lead to an accident.

Just by following these simple steps you might find that you develop a great appreciation for the cyclist. You need to consider their position and what behavior you would appreciate if you were on the bike.

Making an Accident Compensation Claim

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, you’ll want to be compensated for the accident that you were involved in. This is true for automobile accidents, but it’s also true for slips, falls, and other kinds of problems. When you have an accident like that and you decide to make a compensation claim, the first thing you need to be aware of is that you have to know how long you have after the accident to actually make your claim. If you don’t make it in time you won’t be able to get any compensation at all, because the statute of limitations will have run out. It doesn’t matter how badly you were injured or who was at fault – even if the other person was clearly at fault – if you don’t file a claim in time you’re out of luck.

Different kinds of accidents have different time limits on claims, so it’s very important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. That way you can find out whether you really have a claim and how soon you have to file it if you want to try to recover compensation. Whether you have a claim is very important, too, because not every accident results in a claim for compensation.

Even if you’re injured, how the injury was sustained can affect whether you can file a claim. If the accident was partially or mostly your fault, for example, there won’t be as much opportunity for a claim than if you were completely innocent. The same is true if it is an honest accident where no one really did anything wrong or was at fault. In order for you to have an accident compensation claim, someone else has to be negligent. Some people are careless, and if they are driving or running a business while they are careless it’s quite possible that they will eventually cause or contribute to an accident. In that instance, the person who was injured will most likely have a claim for compensation from the injury that was sustained, because another person was negligent and therefore caused harm that could have easily been avoided.

If you are looking for information about making Injury Claims then contact for more information.

Injury Claims Can be A Great Way to Get Justice

money from compensationOn a daily basis people suffer from injuries at work and out on the street that can have serious long term effects on their health, not to mention the life that they lead. Many injuries stem from a lack of care towards others or a lack of consideration to possible hazards that surround us. Why should an accident result in a below par quality of life and what can be done about it?

Traffic accidents are a large cause of many injuries and many fatalities each year. General lack of common sense upon one motor-wielding civilian can lead to accidents of vast magnitude.  Overtaking on a blind corner, not allowing traffic to merge and just disregard for the safety of themselves and those around them can have severe consequences. For some people walking away from an accident is just not an option, and for those that are lucky enough to do so, life might not always be the same. Long term health effects will make those affected re-address the direction of life and the lifestyle that they wish to peruse.

If you are not at fault and it was someone else’s carelessness that has had an effect your life, what can you do about it? If you have suffered as a result from an accident you could be entitled to compensation. A large lump sum of cash could be waiting for you to help with any medical expenses, to support you with any equipment that you need to make life more comfortable or even be there due to any impact that the accident has had on your mental health.

A compensation claim will allow you to get justice for any pain or suffering that you might have incurred as a result of the accident. Making a claim whilst being advised by using legal representation will ensure that you follow all of the correct guidelines and procedures. Compensation will show the people responsible that they need to face up to their actions and make them realize that there are always repercussions to their actions.

A legal move like this will make those responsible think twice about making such a dangerous mistake, hopefully resulting in the saving of a life. There are a few places that offer a ‘no win no fee’ policy to ensure that you are not left with a large bill at the end of the day if your claim is unsuccessful. It is well worth researching for a well established company that can offer Accident Compensation Claims and offer Accident Injury Claim services.

Common Personal Injury Mistakes

road accident

Personal Injury is a term used by the legal system for when you have been injured in a situation such as an accident on the road, a trip at work, faulty goods or medical negligence. It usually comes down to an accident that has been caused by someone else whether directly or through negligence. The injury sustained can also be psychological as well as physical.

When making an accident compensation claim for a personal injury there are many things people overlook and make mistakes with. The more detail you can provide and the fewer mistakes you will make will give you a much stronger case.

If the injury was caused by or related to criminal activity, then you should report the incident to the police as quickly as possible. These claims can be made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. But to qualify you will have had to report the incident within two years of it happening and have a crime reference number.

Personal Injuries caused in road accidents should also be reported to the police within 24 hours, you should also make your insurer aware of the injury. To help back up your claims and prove who was at fault, witness statements should ideally be taken. These may need to be used in court at a later date.

Medical attention will need to have been sought for a successful slip or fall injury, as you will have to prove the extent of the injury when you make your claim. If the accident happened in a public area then the local council will probably be responsible for the claim. They will be prepared for such claims like this as they will have public liability insurance for these situations.

Accidents that happen at work will be considered a breach of your employment contract if it is due to negligence. If there is a breach of duty of care then compensation claims are fairly easy to win and recoup lost earnings and compensation. All employers should legally have special insurance to cover these claims.

As well as all these things mentioned, you should also talk to a accident compensation company who will tell you what you need for each individual case and can help you make your accident compensation claim.

At the end of the day, you need good evidence to prove that an accident wasn’t your fault and it was due to someone else. You should always seek out legal advice to make a successful claim.

Tips for Recovering After an Accident

People who have suffered accidents at work or road traffic accidents can often find it hard to get back on track in life. Missing work or failing to pay bills can leave you in a bad place, maybe not wanting to go back to work or get back in your car. These tips should help you with the recovery process after your accident.

1. This seems an obvious one, but if the accident wasn’t your fault and you may be struggling financially due to your accident, you should seek advice from an accident claims company and look into pursuing an accident compensation claim.

2. Preparing yourself can be one of the best techniques for getting back into the swing of things. If you know you will be returning to work soon, start getting up and going through the routine so that it is not a shock to your system once the time comes.

3. Counselling can help you with traumatic events such as an accident. You may be reluctant to do this at first but it will be helpful in the long run as you may suffer anxiety due to the situation in the future.

4. Facing fears is a great way of dealing with a problem such as a car accident. Start off by making small journeys in your car or even as a passenger just to get used to the feeling of being back in a car.

5. Everyone needs support with traumatic situations and as well as professional help, your friends and family will be there to support you. Its times like these when their support and love can really help make a situation a lot easier.

6. Don’t dwell on the past as you need to concentrate on the present. You may have been in a bad accident but you can use that experience to help you in the future and can be a warning to others. If you have survived a bad car accident it will certainly make your friends and family drive more cautiously which can only be a good thing.

If you keep these things in mind and take things one step at a time, I have no doubt you will be able to recover from your accident and get your life back on track.

Health and Safety Tips for the Workplace

Around 5 million people suffer workplace accidents in Europe which result in more than 3 days off work. Studies show that the risks are much higher in smaller and medium sized business especially with ones having less than 50 employees.

workplace accident

These accidents can often be avoided with some simple procedures. In this blog post we will look at some ways to help stop unnecessary accidents.

  • Housekeeping – Low standards of cleaning is one of the main causes of trips and slips at work. Work areas should be kept clean and tidy with access routes especially clear of objects and obstacles. Rubbish should also be taken to appropriate areas outside the workplace building.
  • Flooring – All floors should be even and level and checked regularly for damage. If simple things like loose carpet tiles are present in the workplace, they should be fixed as soon as possible as these can still create some nasty falls. Slippery surfaces should be replaced with less slippery surfaces if possible.
  • Lighting – Good lighting can also stop a lot of common accidents from happening, you are much more likely to fall over something if you can’t see it in the first place. Good lighting is especially important on staircases and access routes.
  • Spills – All spillages should be reported and cleaned up as soon as they happen. Appropriate signs should be provided so all spills can be seen by employees.
  • Cables – Any trailing cables should not be left around access routes or anywhere which could possibly cause trips. Cable ties and covers should be used to avoid these hazards.
  • Stairways – All stairways should have secure handrails that will avoid accidents when travelling up and down them.

There are many more specific tips that can be used to stop other accidents from happening, but these few general ones should hopefully raise awareness and avoid employers having to deal with accident compensation claims.