Magnetic Therapy: Using Magnets For Your Health

People today deal with a host of health issues. Some of these issues are well-understood by doctors and easily resolved. However, other health problems can be confusing (to the patient and the doctor). In those cases, a diagnosis and prescription may not provide relief. As doctors continue to come under fire for their inability to successfully treat a growing number of health issues, many people are turning to alternative methods. One such method is magnetic therapy. Below, we’ll describe what it is and the controversy behind the practice.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

At its most basic, magnetic therapy leverages the use of magnetic fields to heal the body. Specifically, enthusiasts claim that exposure to magnetostatic fields can have a positive health impact on a person. The theory is that the blood which courses through your body is a living tissue. Your body’s ability to function depends entirely on the oxygen and nutrients transported by your blood.

Magnetic fields attract metal particles. Because your blood naturally contains iron, magnets can be used to increase the flow. When magnets are placed in position around a part of the body that isn’t getting sufficient circulation, the blood flow is improved, bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to that part of the body.

The Controversy

Many experts in the medical community scoff at magnetic therapy. They ridicule its lack of evidence and the devotion of its supporters. Opponents of the practice consider it the modern day equivalent of “snake oil.” They cynically point to the large volume of annual sales driven by those who promote its use.

Feeling Is Believing

Medical procedures that are considered common today were once ridiculed by doctors and other professionals. In time, the procedures were adopted into contemporary medical practice. New concepts routinely experience skepticism. But, new ideas, concepts and practices should not be dismissed based on the skepticism of others (as history so clearly shows). Instead, it’s important to consider new ideas with optimism and if possible, practical experience.

If you’re are dealing with a health issue for which your doctor has yet to offer a resolution, explore how magnetic therapy can help. Then, decide for yourself whether the scepticism of others has any value.