White Finger and You – Why You Should Make a Compensation Claim

White Finger starts off as a fairly innocuous condition that many people may simply choose to ignore, believing it will go away with time. However, the cause of white finger is often long periods of exposure to intense vibrations, such as those generated by a pneumatic drill or a chainsaw, so if a person ignores the problem but does not stop using these industrial tools then the condition will get worse and worse. This could end up resulting in them making a white finger claim.

The reason they might need to seek out accident compensation as a result of their white finger is that the condition can develop into much more serious conditions. What begins as a tingling in the fingers can evolve into them turning completely pale, the reason the condition is known as white finger, accompanied by intense pain as the paleness begins to fade. This is all caused by the blood vessels to the fingers constricting too much and completely cutting off the blood supply. Without their supply of oxygen, the cells in the finger become damaged and die, which results in the sensation of pain as the blood flows back.

The cells dying means that there is an excellent opportunity for necrosis or gangrene to set into the flesh. These almost always have serious consequences as the infected flesh must be removed before it spreads to other regions or poisons the blood. In extreme cases this can involve amputation of the fingers, hand, or even parts of the arm.

£3 Million payout

A women who has been suffering from injuries that she sustained 37 years ago at birth has successfully won compensation.

Helen Walker has need constant care since her birth on 1972. The delivery that she experienced was prolonged and led to problems.

Until this point Ms Walkers parents had taken the task of providing for and caring for their daughter as just a matter of circumstance. It was brought to their attention that they might have a compensation claim over 10 years ago so the proceedings began.

The settlement amount was awarded to Ms Walker and the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority was required to paid the agreed amount.  Speaking on behalf of the authority Terence Coghlan QC, explained that they regretted the negligence and wished the family well.

Ms Walker is set to receive the money in periodic payments that should amount to the sum of £3 million.

This money should make life a little more comfortable for Ms Walker and should help reduce the strain and pressure put on her parents.  The settlement will help provide for Ms Walkers future and ensure that she is secure.

Although normally claims like this are only made when a child is still young there are still some cases that will enable some people to make a no win no fee compensation claim.

Common Personal Injury Mistakes

road accident

Personal Injury is a term used by the legal system for when you have been injured in a situation such as an accident on the road, a trip at work, faulty goods or medical negligence. It usually comes down to an accident that has been caused by someone else whether directly or through negligence. The injury sustained can also be psychological as well as physical.

When making an accident compensation claim for a personal injury there are many things people overlook and make mistakes with. The more detail you can provide and the fewer mistakes you will make will give you a much stronger case.

If the injury was caused by or related to criminal activity, then you should report the incident to the police as quickly as possible. These claims can be made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. But to qualify you will have had to report the incident within two years of it happening and have a crime reference number.

Personal Injuries caused in road accidents should also be reported to the police within 24 hours, you should also make your insurer aware of the injury. To help back up your claims and prove who was at fault, witness statements should ideally be taken. These may need to be used in court at a later date.

Medical attention will need to have been sought for a successful slip or fall injury, as you will have to prove the extent of the injury when you make your claim. If the accident happened in a public area then the local council will probably be responsible for the claim. They will be prepared for such claims like this as they will have public liability insurance for these situations.

Accidents that happen at work will be considered a breach of your employment contract if it is due to negligence. If there is a breach of duty of care then compensation claims are fairly easy to win and recoup lost earnings and compensation. All employers should legally have special insurance to cover these claims.

As well as all these things mentioned, you should also talk to a accident compensation company who will tell you what you need for each individual case and can help you make your accident compensation claim.

At the end of the day, you need good evidence to prove that an accident wasn’t your fault and it was due to someone else. You should always seek out legal advice to make a successful claim.