Compensation Pay Out

There are many things that can lead to a compensation claim, an traffic accident, a fall at work or even a botched operation procedure are just a few. In a time where people should be more aware of their responsibilities there still seems to a proportion of claims that are still being made.

The medical profession is a good example of this, perhaps due to the nature or risk of the job, if things go wrong then a compensation claim is usually sought after.
A hospital in Barnsley has paid out £678,245 so far in compensation to a group of women who suffered from serious problems after surgery.

The surgeon had been suspended on full pay after the claims had come to light. The 19 women affected had suffered serious pain, injury and disfigurement after the surgery. Many of the women aged between 30 and 65 who had the surgery had been treated after breast cancer. Some women are still awaiting their compensation claim.

There are still 6 outstanding claims that need to be settled, and the trust are working hard to ensure that the claims are settled as quickly and as reasonably as possible.

The surgeon involved has been instructed to work only under supervision and training.

Events like this flag up the need for care and attention to applied, not just by the people who are carrying out the work but by the people who are allowing the work to be undertaken. It’s all too common that malpractice goes unnoticed for too long and effects too many people’s lives.

Ask the Traffic Accident Expert

Matt from Claims For You


After an accident there are many things that need to be addressed. What condition is the car in? Is anybody hurt? And will the insurance cover this? These are all important questions that need to be dealt with yet you might find that you have sustained injuries that are not apparent right after the accident; after all, your health should be paramount.

Trouble sleeping could build up to stress and a lack of sleep could mean difficulty getting through the days, as these problems will escalate and can make life very hard to balance everything you need to do.

So what should you do?

Well, the first step would be to contact a professional. Speak to some one who has a history of dealing with injury claims like Matt (pictured above). He will be able to access your situation and whether you will be entitled to an accident compensation claim.

There is a team of professionals like Matt that are on hand to help you through the claim process and they all offer a ‘no win no fee‘ service that is backed with a team of professional and qualified solicitors.

If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident then you might be entitled to a no win no fee claim that will provide you with compensation for any injuries sustained. My advice would be to get in touch with Matt or any of his co workers at Claims For You and see if they can help you today.

Asbestos Compensation Claim

There are many hazards with in a working environment and some more apparent than others and one such hazard that can often be overlooked or ignored is that of asbestos.

Asbestos is a fiber that is a fireproof material that was used in building materials across the UK as a step towards improving health and safety and making buildings more fire proof. It was hoped that by using this fireproof material would allow people more time to leave buildings and ultimately save lives. Ironically it is now the asbestos that is causing all the health problems. The asbestos fibers can cause long term health problems when breathed in. The fibers sit in the lungs, sometimes as long as 40 years with out any problems and then over time these fibers can harden and restrict movement of the lungs. This can be fatal in some cases and can often cause lung and throat cancer.

It is important that people who come into contact with asbestos are made aware of the scale of any potential problems that asbestos can cause. It is advisable that protective equipment is worn at all times when dealing with asbestos and should be disposed of in the correct manor. It is also advisable that companies provide their employees with enough training to deal with and work with asbestos if their job means that they are likely to come into contact with it.

There are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to remove asbestos and a survey can be done in order to establish the condition and type of asbestos that might be present in the building. The removal of asbestos has to be done following strict guidelines and procedures and must be disposed of using the correct techniques and methods.

If you are working in the building trade or perhaps you are an electrician and may have to drill through suspicious materials than an asbestos awareness course would be advisable in order to help you identify any possible places in which you might find asbestos in order to allow you to become aware of any risk.

Asbestos can be found in the following materials: toilet seats, toilet cisterns, bitumen, floor tiles, fascia boards and even guttering. As there is a broad range of materials that asbestos can be found in and care should be taken on an ongoing basis when working near or on materials that could potentially contain asbestos.

If you are looking for a no win no fee solicitor or looking to make a Compensation Claim for an asbestos related disease that you may have established whilst working for a company look for a company with a good reputation that will be able to deliver you the best service available.

Top Tips for Avoiding Cycle Accidents (For the Driver)

So many people become injured each year on the highways and result in road traffic accident claims which in turn make life harder for those involved. If you are a regular road user it becomes quite common to let standards slip after you passed your test. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that we believe that we have become more experienced and know of a better way to drive or that we just become a little lazy behind the wheel.

This article will highlight a few things we should continually be aware of in order to avoid having an accident with a cyclist whilst making us safer drivers.

1.      Become More Observant
You have to remember that you need to watch where you are going but also what is around all areas of the car. If you are an experienced driver you would have most likely seen cyclists weaving in and out of cars whilst you have been sitting at the traffic lights. It becomes important that you check all surrounding areas of the car before pulling away.

2.      Take The Time to Look
At junctions it becomes all too easy to take a quick glance to check for traffic. Most people do this so they don’t have to stop the car at the junction. It seems that people don’t always register what they see, and more often than not people approach a junction looking only for other cars. This is when a cyclist or motorcyclists are overlooked and then the car driving pulls out on to their path and a collision is only moments away.

3.      Give Cyclists More Room
It can be difficult (especially on some of the country roads in Britain) to give cyclists a wide birth when overtaking. Not allowing the cyclists enough room could intimidate them and cause them to become unstable and in seconds be under your car. Try and give them as much room as possible, but make sure that you are not pulling far enough out to collide with on coming traffic.

4.      Give Them Some Respect
A good example of this would be if you are waiting to overtake but can’t. If it isn’t safe to overtake just be patient. Driving close to the cyclist and trying to get them to move over closer to the hedge won’t encourage them to take you in to consideration, but instead push them to make unsafe decisions that could lead to an accident.

Just by following these simple steps you might find that you develop a great appreciation for the cyclist. You need to consider their position and what behavior you would appreciate if you were on the bike.

Making an Accident Compensation Claim

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, you’ll want to be compensated for the accident that you were involved in. This is true for automobile accidents, but it’s also true for slips, falls, and other kinds of problems. When you have an accident like that and you decide to make a compensation claim, the first thing you need to be aware of is that you have to know how long you have after the accident to actually make your claim. If you don’t make it in time you won’t be able to get any compensation at all, because the statute of limitations will have run out. It doesn’t matter how badly you were injured or who was at fault – even if the other person was clearly at fault – if you don’t file a claim in time you’re out of luck.

Different kinds of accidents have different time limits on claims, so it’s very important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. That way you can find out whether you really have a claim and how soon you have to file it if you want to try to recover compensation. Whether you have a claim is very important, too, because not every accident results in a claim for compensation.

Even if you’re injured, how the injury was sustained can affect whether you can file a claim. If the accident was partially or mostly your fault, for example, there won’t be as much opportunity for a claim than if you were completely innocent. The same is true if it is an honest accident where no one really did anything wrong or was at fault. In order for you to have an accident compensation claim, someone else has to be negligent. Some people are careless, and if they are driving or running a business while they are careless it’s quite possible that they will eventually cause or contribute to an accident. In that instance, the person who was injured will most likely have a claim for compensation from the injury that was sustained, because another person was negligent and therefore caused harm that could have easily been avoided.

If you are looking for information about making Injury Claims then contact for more information.