Guardian readers welcome opportunities for higher education for older people

Guardian readers welcome opportunities for higher education for older peopleThe announcement by higher education minister David Willett that older people can now get help with the funding of university degrees has been met with approval from many. His original suggestion for the usefulness of a university degree when we are older was as a tool to help us remain employed in later life, but a recent article in The Guardian has taken a different approach to universities opening their doors to older people. Continue reading

Innovative ‘HenPower’ scheme set to be expanded

A unique new project which aims to enrich the lives of pensioners in the Tyne and Wear town of Gateshead by giving them the chance to adopt their own hens has proven so successful that it is now set to be extended across five other range hens

Known as ‘HenPower’, the innovative scheme has been set up by the ‘henologist’ Jos Forester-Melville, on behalf of local charity Equal Arts, and was designed as a way of helping mature people who feel that they can no longer look after more demanding animals like dogs enjoy the company of a pet which they can take care of with relative ease. Now, tentative plans are being made to bring HenPower to Scotland, London, and many destinations in between.

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89-year-old to offload vast dolls’ house collection

An 89-year-old who has amassed an incredible collection of 30 vintage dolls’ houses during her lifetime is to auction off her impressive collection in Newcastle shortly.vintage dolls house collection

Nora Boll was given her first house by her mother when she was aged just two back in 1925, and since that time has put a great deal of time and effort into her hobby, which eventually led to her accumulating a range of items which auctioneer John Anderson says is the biggest he has ever seen.

The retired physiotherapist is expected to receive a great deal of money for the treasured objects when they come under the hammer, and she has expressed her hope that the collection is taken on by either another enthusiast or a museum.

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Grandmother and her scooter become internet sensation

Barbel Roerig from Perth, Australia has become an internet sensation after thousands of people watched a YouTube video of her pushing herself around the city on her scooter. The 74-year-old grandmother has said that scooting around has been just as good for her sore knees as curved stairlifts and she will carry on scooting to the shops and back.riding a scooter in town

There were fears that Barbel would not be able to carry on her scooting after her scooter broke, but the local newspaper and a skateboarding internet sensation came together to help her find the perfect replacement, which she tested vigorously with her typical shopping load of six full carrier bags.

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80-year-old woman raises £500 for sports club stairlift

An 80-year-old woman has been looking through hundreds of curved stairlifts in the search for the perfect independent-living device, not for herself but for the rugby club that is very close to her heart.fundraising event

Joy Seward, a lifelong patron of Sidmouth Rugby Club, is spearheading a campaign to get a stairlift installed at the rugby club, helping those with mobility problems to access the facilities on the first floor. The patrons’ lunch is normally held on the first floor, and Joy, finding it difficult to get upstairs herself, thought that more people could join in with the addition of a stairlift.

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