Options for modern gravestone and memorial materials

It is widely believed that gravestones are usually produced from solid granite, marble or slate or even hardwood. Today these materials are still relevant and widely available from many suppliers and manufacturers of gravestones or memorials.

Although often seen in eco-friendly burials, Wood used a lot less than materials such as marble, slate and granite headstones from AK Lander, which have been transformed to give an outstanding long lasting memorial. Now these and other permanent materials are being personalised using modern techniques to etch and inscribe lasting words of love and appreciation for a loved one in their final resting place. Continue reading

Memorials – Decide On Your Own or Leave It To Your Family?

When you inevitably pass away, your family and friends are going to want something to remember you by, something that they can use as a focus for mourning and that represents your spiritual presence now that you are no longer with them. Memorials and headstones are a perfect way to do that and are popular throughout the world, in one form or another.

But what should you do for a memorial? Should you do anything and let your family decide? It’s for them more than you, after all, or should you choose something that you feel represents you, so that it is a real representation of you as a person rather than other people’s opinions of you?

By allowing your family to make most of the decisions, either whilst you are alive or after your departure, they can choose something that is appropriate to their means, to their needs and that it is easy for them to mourn at. Whether this is a grand statue, a small urn or a headstone, it is sure to be right for them, and you may have left them a little happier knowing that they don’t need to worry about perfectly meeting your demands.

On the other hand, they may worry that they are not getting you the correct memorial and something that truly represents you. This can be a huge worry, especially during this particularly emotional time, so perhaps they would prefer that you had made a decision?

The best answer is probably to discuss with your loved ones what you would like as a memorial, just as discussing what should be done with your body can ease the stress on them when your time comes. With it out in the open and decided, worrying isn’t necessary for any of the parties.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user Brenden Ashton.