Products Available For Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive, affordable solution to help reduce pain and inflammation, restore healthy sleep and support the healing process in your body. It has been proven to be safe and effective in preventing and treating chronic illnesses. The magnets themselves do not actually do the healing but they are what creates an environment for the healing to happen.

Many people have seen but do not realize that the bracelets that are worn by many people today are actually magnets. There are magnets that you can use for every part of your body. There are mattress pads, wraps, pillows, jewelry and magnets for your drinking water and even your pets. If taken care of these products should last a lifetime. Just keep them away from your credit cards and your computer or you may lose some important information.

History of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a proven, safe method to relieve pain, increase energy and help you sleep better. Although this is not a new therapy, but one that has in fact been around for thousands of years, it is really starting to be acknowledged much more in recent years as a beneficial alternative to drugs. Magnetic therapy has played a part in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. In addition, it has been found to be written about in some of the earliest writings in Egypt, India and Greece.

Magnetic therapy provides a magnetic field is a natural way to enhance the body’s normal healing process. This magnetic field can block pain sensations thus decreasing pain naturally. It also improves blood flow and oxygen which also helps reduce pain and inflammation. The World Health Organization states that magnetic therapy offers no health risks at all but advises not to use if you have a pacemaker.