Dinner lady breaks record after 48 years on the job

A 75-year-old woman has broken the record for being the longest ever serving dinner lady after spending 48 years doing her favourite job in the world. Julie Barrick has worked at the same school for almost 50 years and is not planning to retire any time soon.mixing bowl, whisk and eggs

Over her many years of dedicated service, Julie has become a much-loved figure at St Luke’s in Duston, Northampton, and during her time there she has served around 1.6 million lunches and met over 10,000 pupils who have spent their childhoods at the school. Julie loves her job at the school and, although she could easily retire and enjoy her home with the help of stair lifts, she says that she has “always liked working here”.

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77-year-old woman still breaking athletic records

A woman who took up athletics as a professional sport in her 50s has gone on to win plenty of gold medals and break records, and although she recently turned 77, she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.a women's pole vault athlete

Dorothy McLennan makes great use of riser recliner chairs after her rigorous workouts, a well deserved rest considering all of her achievements. A list of her accolades include world champion pole vaulter, sprinter and heptathlete and she is currently training three days a week for the British Masters Championship which she plans to compete in.

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