Retired RAF pilot stars in driving improvement show

A retired RAF pilot is to appear in a Channel 5 programme which aims to improve the road habits of irresponsible drivers, after conceding that he has got into ‘bad habits’ over the years.dent in a car door

70-year-old Dudley Valentine, who lives in the village of Burscough in Lancashire, will star in the new series of Dangerous Drivers’ School in February, which follows AA instructors as they look to develop the skills of some of the country’s problem road users.

In an interview, Valentine said that he was convinced to seek this innovative form of help after his partner claimed he was ‘aggressive and inconsiderate’ towards others, having become complacent after more than half a century of driving.

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Pope Benedict to retire at the age of 85

Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he will retire from his position as the head of the Catholic Church on February 28th after around eight years in the post at the age of 85.Pope Benedict XVI retirement

Although the German pope, whose birth name is Joseph Ratzinger, will become the first holder of the esteemed position to step down voluntarily since as long ago as 1294, it is worth remembering that he did not enter into the role until the advanced age of 78.

One of the oldest senior pontiffs when he was appointed in 2005, Benedict XVI has attributed his resignation to a deterioration of his strength in recent months, explaining how he reached the conclusion that his condition was ‘no longer suited’ to playing such a vital role in the religious world.

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