Snoring could be making you fat

When you ask someone ‘how are you?’ how many times to you get the reply ‘shattered’ or ‘tired’? for many of us this is a standard response as a worryingly large number of Brits don’t get enough sleep. We all know that lack of sleep is bad for us and can seriously affect our ability to function well, what we may not realise is that lack of sleep could also be making us fat!

A recent study suggests that the reason people are over weight or obese may not be purely down to lack of exercise or over eating it could also be sleep deprivation.

The study showed that people who sleep for less than four hours a night are 73% more likely to gain excess weight.

Lack of sleep can lead to a craving of an extra 900 calories a day. Such a huge amount of extra food a day could lead to a weight gain of up to 2lb a week.

This problem looks only set to continue as the average amount of sleep has fallen from 9 hours to 7 hours a night during the past 50 years.

Unfortunately, the fairer sex seem to suffer more from sleep deprivation than men and this is in part due to their partners. Women are far more easily disturbed by men during the night than the other way round, this is in part due to the simple fact that men are bigger, heavier and louder than women. One of the most common causes of sleep deprivation is snoring, not only for the snorer but for there long suffering partner. If your partner does snore its time you seriously started looking into some snoring cures to help give you that all so important nights sleep.

Serious Snoring Test

A new test is currently being devised by the University of Chicago to easily identify if someone’s snoring is serious or safe by testing a patient’s urine.

A study was conducted which looked at 90 children who were referred to a sleep clinic in order to examine their breathing problems.30 control children were also used in the study. The experiment showed that there are more proteins present in the urine of children diagnosed with serious snoring than those who suffer with safe snoring. The university team behind the findings have stressed that the experiment will have to be repeated before a simple and accurate test can be created.

It’s important that the more serious snoring conditions such as OSA can be detected as early as possible. OSA or obstructive sleep apnoea can cause a range of problems in children such as mental, behavioural, metabolic and cardiovascular problems. It is estimated that 3% of all children aged 9 and under suffer from OSA.

The scientists used a process involving fluorescent dyes in order to separate the proteins in the urine. By doing this they discovered three proteins with a high concentration in children with OSA. Researchers have stated that further work is needed to identify which proteins will work best for the test and a what time it is best to collect the urine samples.

Scientists are also looking at ways to make the appear as a colour much like a pregnancy test, which could be used by doctors and parents to easily identify the results.

The Snoring Orchestra

The most unlikely Christmas song could well be blaring out of your stereo this festive season. It’s not a novelty record or an all star charity song, its something rather different.

This year musicians have asked snores from all over the country to recorded their snoring and submit it to create a new festive ‘song’.

Then thanks to some very clever studio trickery and editing the nations nighttime rumblings were put together to create a new and ironic version of Silent Night quite unlike any other version you have heard before.

While it is a classic Christmas song and those who lent there vocal attributes to the record are no doubt proud it is unlike to make a cherished Christmas gift. In fact for a truly harmonious Christmas, it’s best not to play it that often, if at all!

While the idea may seem a bit of silly Christmas fun, there is a more serious purpose behind this. The record was designed to highlight the problem of snoring, which is said to affect around 15 million people in the UK alone.

If you’re loved one is a snorer and you are looking for a snoring related Christmas gift and have an iPhone then look no further than a new snoring app. The app is designed to analyse and then offer advice to the user as to whether or not surgery may be required. The app does this by recording the snoring and then comparing it to a list of pre-recorded snores.

Snoring – the not so silent killer

Millions of us suffer from heavy snoring. But how many realise that this could be a symptom of a potentially fatal medical condition called sleep apnea. Recent statistics suggest that up to 3.6 million people in the UK could be suffering from sleep apnea. This is a sleeping disorder that consists of brief interruptions of breathing during sleep. This is caused when the muscles in the mouth, throat and nose relax during sleep. This results in restricted air flow and potentially an airway blockage by the soft palate at the back of the mouth or by the uvula. Usually these interruptions result in paused breathing for up to 20 seconds.

Recent research suggests that sleep apnea can result in carotid atherosclerosis or strokes. People at particular risk are snorers who are heavy drinkers or who are overweight or suffering from heart disease. If you are in this high risk group it is important that you seek treatment to stop snoring.

Snoring is often caused by physical features such as a large uvula, which requires oral surgery. However it is much more common for the shape of an airway to influence snoring as a result of a pronounced overbite or other facial feature such as a recessed chin or small jaw. In these instances snoring aids can help to correct the airway shape to help reduce the chances of the tongue or soft palate restricting airflow and causing snoring. A mouth piece such as this will alleviate snoring and thus reduce sleep apnea and it’s potential to induce more serious conditions.

Get a Good Nights Sleep

For many of millions of people getting a good night’s sleep is merely something other people have and something they long to experience. In many cases though a sleepless night can be fixed and your sleep could be improved dramatically.

Here are a few tips which may just help you get a better nights sleep.

Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise as we all know is extremely good for, yet perhaps one benefit which doesn’t get talked about is the benefit to our sleep. Exercising for just 30 minuets during the day can help you fall asleep much easier. However it is advised that exercise be ideally carried out in the morning or during the day as exercising to close to bed time can have a negative impact.

Avoid Stimulants

There are a number of stimulants which we take throughout the day even knowingly or unknowingly which keep us up at night. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are all stimulants which have the ability to cause a restless night. It is then a good idea to try and avoid these stimulants before you plan on heading to bed. Alcohol should be avoided at least a few hours before going to bed, Caffeine found in coffee and to a lesser extent tea and fizzy drinks should not be drunk close to bed time, and ideally coffee should be cut out of your diet after lunch. Smoking has a number of negative affect on a persons sleep, from being a contributory factor to snoring to nicotine acting as a stimulant and withdrawal symptoms during the night causing a disturbed sleep.

Stop Napping

Although many of us will feel sleepy during the day we should avoid the temptation to nap as this could have an impact on sleep later that night. If you do start feeling a bit dozy in the afternoon why not take up the fine English tradition of having an afternoon tea with some delicious cakes, if however you do decide to nap try to make sure it last no longer than 30 minutes.

Stop Snoring

Snoring can be a real disruption to a person sleep, though more often than not its not the snorer who suffers it’s the person they are sleeping with who is kept awake all night long. There are a number of different cures for snoring available which try to fix the different types of snorers (there are many different causes of snoring) so why not give one of them ago.

Sex, Sex and More Sex

Sex is another great away to get a good nights sleep and certainly the most fun!

Tips for a harmonious marriage

We all know marriage is hard work, we only have to look at the divorce rates to see that, yet luckily there are a few little tips which may just make for a happier marriage.

It may sound trivial but curing snoring could well be one little tip that could have a big improvement on many peoples marriages. It’s well known that sleepless nights or interrupted sleep has a big negative impact on a person’s behaviour, making them much more irritable and quick to anger. This sort of situation would inevitably lead to more and more arguments, which is never going to be a great way to spend the rest of your marriage.

If snoring is causing you or your partner to lose sleep it might be time to stop snoring and get back to a happy harmonious marriage. There are a number of different snoring aids available to help you eliminate your snoring problem. These can range from simple things such as wearing nose strips and mouth guards to surgery or even sleeping with a tennis ball. If all else fails of course you could always buy ear plugs!

If you do manage to get your snoring under control there are a few other tips for having a great marriage:

Love – most relationships will start with this but how many will lose it along the way. Often it’s not just a simple case of hoping love will stay with you, sometimes you are really going to have to work hard at keeping it.

Compassion – things will go wrong from time to time so it’s always important that you are there for your partner if and when this happens.

Forgiveness – we are all humans and we all make mistakes so it’s important to cut your partner some slack every now and then when they do make mistakes. No relationship can last without forgiveness.

Intimacy – we aren’t just talking sex here, intimacy is so much more. Take time to hold and touch each other, even if it is such simple things as holding hands or staring into each others eyes.

Friendship – not only should you be friends with your partner but should allow them to have friends outside of the relationship as you will both need your own space every now and then.

Snoring can put a stop to your sex life

We all know that snoring can be a real pain and can hamper your sleep but it could also put serious strain on your sex life and relationships. A recent survey suggested a massive 75% of British people snore, 33% of which snore so badly that it is impacting on not only there nights sleep but also there partners.

Such lack of sleep will over time start impacting on or personal and professional life. Each year it is estimated billions is lost at work to a lack of productivity caused by lack of sleep because we all find it much harder to concentrate when we are tired. This is obviously not good for our working life, especially in such harsh economic times where jobs can be precarious. A lack of sleep can also affect us outside of work too, being constantly tired makes us more irritable and quick to anger. Snoring is also putting many single people of from starting relationships as they think their snoring may scare away potential partners.

Snoring is also having a nock on effect onto people sex lives. Of those surveyed who said they snored 21% considered them selves less attractive as a result of their snoring. 10% felt so embarrassed by their condition that they put of sleeping with a new partner for fear of embarrassing themselves by snoring after sex, a common problem among men. A lack of sleep and tiredness also puts many of from sex especially late at night.

Some people may be lucky enough to be able to stop snoring quite easily while other find their condition much more severe, either way it is worth investigation solutions to the problem to help keep your relationship on track and stay productive in the work place.

Some of the Best and Cheapest Snoring Aids

There are a million and one ways in order to help you stop snoring, unfortunately not all of them work as there is not one definitive cause of snoring.

Stop Snoring

Nasal Strips

For some people there snoring is affected by a constriction of the airways. Simpley opening these airways may help or eliminate snoring altogether. One way of opening these airways is to use nasal strips, these work by physically opening your nostrils wider to create a large nasal passage. These strips are much less intrusive than other products on the market and are relatively cheap to buy.


Chin Straps

For some people there snoring is a result of breathing through your mouth rather than your nose. It can be quite difficult to keep your mouth closed, especially while you are asleep. One solution to this problem is to use a chin strap. These straps work by physically closing your mouth making you then breathe naturally through your nose. Like the nasal strips they are less intrusive than other products to apply.


Gum Shield

One of the most common causes of snoring is a constriction at the back of the throat. With the airway reduced air is squeezed through which causes the soft tissue in the throat to vibrate causing the snoring sound. A gum shield helps alleviate or eliminate this by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. By moving the jaw forward it helps create a larger passage way for the air to move through, reducing the vibrations of the soft tissue. The advantage of such snoring aids is that it tries to solve the root cause of the snoring, it is also quite cost affective as one gum shield should last you a long time.

Cures for Snoring

Tennis Balls

For some people sleeping on their back causes snoring. The snoring is usually a result of the weight of you body applying extra pressure of your airways. Often the best way to stop this is to simply sleep on your side. While this sounds easy for people who are only used to sleeping on there back it can be very difficult to achieve. Even if you start out the night on your side there is nothing to stop you once you are fast asleep rolling back onto your back. This is where the tennis ball comes in, by sowing a tennis ball into your pajamas will physically prevent yourself from rolling onto your back.

Have you got a New Years resolution to stop snoring?

If this New Year you have made a resolution to stop snoring then you are in luck as there are many different solutions to help you keep your resolution. Whether you are doing this for yourself or for a loved one there are a number of ways to stop snoring.

One technique you should defiantly try is to elevate your head. Try sleeping on a thicker pillow or multiple pillows as often the angle of your head can make a big difference to your snoring.

Try avoiding eating dairy products, sleeping pills, alcohol and smoking before going to bed. Losing weight is also a great way to reduce snoring, so if you are caring a few extra pounds then heating healthily and exercising wont only make you look and feel better but will reduce your snoring too.

Some peoples snoring is caused by sleeping on there back so why not try sleeping on your side in 2009 and see if that makes an impact on your snoring.

Avoid eating large meals or rich food before you go to bed, not only does this help reduce snoring but has health benefits as eating right before going to sleep is know to help pile on the pounds.

Try to quite smoking, this one is for many, many reason other than the fact that smokers snore more than none smokers.

If these more natural methods of preventing snoring don’t work you may won’t to look into buy snoring aids. There are many available in the market that can help in a number of different ways. Many simply fit into your mouth like a gum shield, some are a simple strip over your nose to help you breathe others can be more advanced.

If all else fails you may want to see your doctor as there are a number of procedure available to help cure your snoring if it is severe though these are usually last chance salon options to help you stop snoring.

Snoring Nation

Its official, Britain is a snoring nation. It has been revealed that a quarter of us snore, but worse still is that two in three snore so loudly that they are keeping there partners awake at night.

The survey also revealed there are five common types of snorers. What type are you?

The old Banger is someone who sounds like an old banger car.

The McEnroe is someone who sounds like an over enthusiastic tennis player grunting

The Snorchestra is someone who like all the best orchestras start off softly before building to an epic crescendo.

The Snorter is someone who sounds like a horse after running the Grand National.

The Walrus is someone who like the Walrus grunts continuously, no matter how many times you jab your elbow into them.

While snoring may be amusing to some for others it is a living hell. Snoring can have a real affect on relationships and health. Partners of snorers are losing sleep which is having adverse affects on there lives at home and at work. Lack of sleep can also lead to a number of health problems.

There are numerous causes of snoring such as:

Drinking causes your muscles to relax more than normal when you are asleep.

Smoking can irritate the lining of the throat and nasal passages causing swelling and catarrh.

Sleeping position can affect snoring if you sleep on your back, your tongue, chin and any excess fatty tissues under your chin will relax and squash your airways.

Diets, especialy poor ones,  can cause snoring by adding extra weight and pressure on your airways.

Many snoring aids available may be able to help cure your problem as will a reduction in drinking and smoking plus eating a healthy diet. If however they after all this snoring still occur it might be worthwhile to consult your doctor.