Pope Benedict prepares for retirement as His Holiness

Pope Benedict prepares for retirement as His HolinessPope Benedict is set to begin his well-earned retirement this week, and the final preparations for him are currently being put in place. As well as ensuring that he has a suitable home with stairlifts, it has been announced that he will continue to be known as ‘His Holiness’ but will have to return the red leather shoes which are a recognisable papal symbol.

Pope Benedict shocked many across the world when he announced that he would be resigning from his role this week, becoming the first pope in 600 years to step down from his position. The decision to keep his title and continue to wear the white papal robes was made by Benedict after consulting with others in theVatican.

Retirement will allow Pope Benedict to spend his days away from the spotlight, instead meditating and praying within the walls of the Vatican. The decision of who the next pope will be has yet to be made, but 115 cardinals will soon be visiting Rometo hold a vote.


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Guardian journalist recommends getting involved with the community

Guardian journalist recommends getting involved with the communityA journalist from The Guardian has encouraged older people to find more ways to get involved with wider society, saying that we need to think about how we can be socially connected and then get up from our stair lifts and go out and achieve this.

Stewart Dakers, 74, has been a columnist in The Guardian since 1999 and Grey Matters is where he expresses his own experiences of being an older member of society. As well as writing for the newspaper, he spends his time as a community voluntary worker and can thoroughly recommend volunteering as a great way for older people to get involved with the community which benefits both themselves and others.

He insists that many older people have found great ways to get involved with the community, from delivering newspapers and working in high street shops to taking part in school reading groups and providing respite care for fostering families. There are plenty of ideas that can help all of us gain that strong feeling of community.


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Warrington pensioner hails gay marriage decision

An 81-year-old man from near Warrington in Cheshire has hailed the results of a Commons vote that brings gay marriage a step closer to being enshrined in law, saying that he ‘never thought’ such a day would come in his lifetime.two wedding rings

Retired hospital administration worker James Daniels was sent to prison for nine months for engaging in homosexual activity when he was 18 years old, before the act was legalised in 1967, and has recalled how he and others he knew were ‘abused by the police’ and ‘treated like dirt’ on a regular basis.

Now, however, Daniels has spoken of his delight about the extent to which social attitudes have changed over the last few decades, saying that he is proud of the ‘wonderful freedom’ that can now be enjoyed by gay citizens throughout the UK.

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72-year-old Stringfellow prepares for fatherhood again

The most recognisable nightclub owner in the UK, Peter Stringfellow, and his wife, Bella, have announced that they are expecting their first baby together after marrying in 2009.baby and adult fingers

Stringfellow, whose namesake establishment and his various other clubs have courted controversy but earned him millions of pounds over the years, is now aged 72 and last became a father almost 50 years ago.

However, the Sheffield-born businessman has told reporters that he and his 30-year-old partner were ‘obviously overjoyed’ at the news, and that both of them were ‘up for the challenge’.

Stringfellow had a public falling out with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg earlier this year after the Lib Dem leader highlighted him as an example of the kind of wealthy pensioner who he believes should not be entitled to the universal Winter Fuel Payment benefit.

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Independent American woman celebrates 100th birthday

Dorothy Hart has been an independent woman for all of her life, and her years of hard work and dedication to her family were celebrated this week at her 100th birthday party. Held at the two-storey farm house which she shares with her niece in Kansas, family from all across the USA came to celebrate Dorothy’s big day.100th Birthday celebrations

She received a number of thoughtful gifts from her family, a task made difficult as Dorothy is a woman who has all that she needs. Just as stair lifts are useful in helping her to tackle the stairs at home, her great-nephew, Ted Koller, gave her a gift which would help keep her warm; a blanket patterned with photographs of her family.

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