White Finger and You – Why You Should Make a Compensation Claim

White Finger starts off as a fairly innocuous condition that many people may simply choose to ignore, believing it will go away with time. However, the cause of white finger is often long periods of exposure to intense vibrations, such as those generated by a pneumatic drill or a chainsaw, so if a person ignores the problem but does not stop using these industrial tools then the condition will get worse and worse. This could end up resulting in them making a white finger claim.

The reason they might need to seek out accident compensation as a result of their white finger is that the condition can develop into much more serious conditions. What begins as a tingling in the fingers can evolve into them turning completely pale, the reason the condition is known as white finger, accompanied by intense pain as the paleness begins to fade. This is all caused by the blood vessels to the fingers constricting too much and completely cutting off the blood supply. Without their supply of oxygen, the cells in the finger become damaged and die, which results in the sensation of pain as the blood flows back.

The cells dying means that there is an excellent opportunity for necrosis or gangrene to set into the flesh. These almost always have serious consequences as the infected flesh must be removed before it spreads to other regions or poisons the blood. In extreme cases this can involve amputation of the fingers, hand, or even parts of the arm.

The Symptoms of Vibration White Finger

White Finger

White Finger

The main symptoms attributed to VWF (Vibration White Finger) can be seen in your fingers. The fingers will turn numb and become white; they may even get spasms due to a loss of blood supply to the fingers. Thankfully for most people the condition is not so severe and causes only minor discomfort. However this is not true in all cases as VWF can cause skin ulcers, gangrene and a lot of pain.

Picking up small objects such as pens or pins become a problem as the feeling in the fingers decreases. There will also be a loss of strength and grip in the hands, a constant pain, tingling or numbness in the fingers and hands and wrists can cause deep discomfort, especially when trying to sleep.
Some of the main symptoms to look out for include:

Pins and needles



White patches


If you do find yourself with any of these symptoms it’s advisable that you seek immediate medical advice. If you are awaiting treatment for Vibration White Finger there are a few things that could help you:

Keep your hands warm as it helps stops spasms and improves the circulation.

Ask your doctor about any prescribed medication that can be taken straight away to ease the symptoms.

Steer clear of the original cause of your Vibration White Finger. If you contracted the disease by using vibrating tools, more vibration will cause even more damage.

Stop smoking as tobacco causes the blood vessels to constrict even further, causing even more damage to your fingers.

Drink hot drinks to help you keep warm.

Eat small healthy meals to keep up your energy.

Undertake regular exercise which will help improve your circulation.

Avoid wearing tight clothes or jewelry which may restrict the blood flow. Cover your hands and feet with a blanket to keep them warm.

Wet clothes will reduce your body temperature, so if you get caught in the rain try to change your clothes as soon as you can.