Retired RAF pilot stars in driving improvement show

A retired RAF pilot is to appear in a Channel 5 programme which aims to improve the road habits of irresponsible drivers, after conceding that he has got into ‘bad habits’ over the years.dent in a car door

70-year-old Dudley Valentine, who lives in the village of Burscough in Lancashire, will star in the new series of Dangerous Drivers’ School in February, which follows AA instructors as they look to develop the skills of some of the country’s problem road users.

In an interview, Valentine said that he was convinced to seek this innovative form of help after his partner claimed he was ‘aggressive and inconsiderate’ towards others, having become complacent after more than half a century of driving.

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Norfolk scheme helps older drivers stay safe on the roads

A handy scheme launched by Norfolk County Council is offering a helping hand to older drivers who may have got into bad habits over the course of their years on the road.narrow country road

Commonly known as GOLD, the Guidance for OLder Drivers programme was first established a few years ago, but has only just been re-launched in the last couple of weeks, and has already received dozens of enquiries from over-55s who are interested in brushing up on their skills.

Discussing the initiative, council instructor Terry Plummer said that GOLD was not just about improving safety, but also rates of economy and comfort amongst the county’s more experienced motorists.

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Exercise in middle age reduces chance of dementia

A new study has suggested that people who exercise and have higher levels of physical fitness in middle age are less likely to develop dementia in later life. This finding came from a study by a team from The Cooper Institute in Dallas.running on the treadmill for exercise

The new study was published in the journal ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ and involved 19,458 adults who took a treadmill exercise test between 1971 and 2009, some point during their middle age. Medicare data of these individuals was then analysed, and the results found that those who were physically fit during middle age had a significantly reduced risk of developing dementia.

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