Health and Safety Tips for the Workplace

Around 5 million people suffer workplace accidents in Europe which result in more than 3 days off work. Studies show that the risks are much higher in smaller and medium sized business especially with ones having less than 50 employees.

workplace accident

These accidents can often be avoided with some simple procedures. In this blog post we will look at some ways to help stop unnecessary accidents.

  • Housekeeping – Low standards of cleaning is one of the main causes of trips and slips at work. Work areas should be kept clean and tidy with access routes especially clear of objects and obstacles. Rubbish should also be taken to appropriate areas outside the workplace building.
  • Flooring – All floors should be even and level and checked regularly for damage. If simple things like loose carpet tiles are present in the workplace, they should be fixed as soon as possible as these can still create some nasty falls. Slippery surfaces should be replaced with less slippery surfaces if possible.
  • Lighting – Good lighting can also stop a lot of common accidents from happening, you are much more likely to fall over something if you can’t see it in the first place. Good lighting is especially important on staircases and access routes.
  • Spills – All spillages should be reported and cleaned up as soon as they happen. Appropriate signs should be provided so all spills can be seen by employees.
  • Cables – Any trailing cables should not be left around access routes or anywhere which could possibly cause trips. Cable ties and covers should be used to avoid these hazards.
  • Stairways – All stairways should have secure handrails that will avoid accidents when travelling up and down them.

There are many more specific tips that can be used to stop other accidents from happening, but these few general ones should hopefully raise awareness and avoid employers having to deal with accident compensation claims.